Reluctant to talk about her husband, Risty Tagor is rumored to be divorced for the third time

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Risty Tagor

The household life of Risty Tagor and her husband, whose identity is still kept secret, is far from bad news. But lately rumors have been circulating that the actress’s third marriage is on the brink.

The gossip was triggered by Risty Tagor’s refusal to talk about her husband. The mother of three children chose to answer another question.

Risty Tagor no comment about husband

Learning from his previous marriage, Risty chose to keep his household meetings. But because of trying to maintain privacy, the 32-year-old actress was hit by bad news.

When met by the media, Risty firmly refused to talk about her husband. “Just discuss something else,” he said, quoted from, Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

There were rumors that Risty Tagor’s husband, who is a lawyer, was already married. Regarding that, Risty’s friend, Ina Rachman, gave a statement. “If the problem with this figure previously had a wife, I honestly don’t know,” he said in December 2018.

Risty Tagor Photo: Instagram

Before being married by a lawyer, Risty had experienced marriage failure twice. The female actress wearing a turban was first married to actor Rifky Balweel in October 2010. From this marriage, she was blessed with a son, Arsen Raffa Balweel. The two separated in 2014.

Then Risty remarried to Stuart Collin. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last long. They divorced in August 2016.

Risty Tagor
Source: Instagram Risty Tagor

Busy in the middle of a pandemic

If Risty Tagor is reluctant to talk about her husband, she tells about her activities during the pandemic. “His activities are definitely taking care of the children. Working on projects on social media, still managing the boutique,” he said.

This mother of three children is now focusing on social media, because she cannot move outside the home. “Indeed, the situation is like this, so the focus is on YouTube and Instagram.”

Recently busy being an entrepreneur, Risty doesn’t deny that he misses the world of acting. “I miss you. (offer) Soap operas, movies and more. It’s just that PPKM can’t, right, so just stay at home, “he said.

Unable to act, he chose the world of singing. Some time ago he released a song called Enough Better.

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