The beauty of Amelia Mustika Ratu, the village flower found dead with her mother in Alphard’s car

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Amelia, a murder victim in Subang (Photo: special)

SUBANG – The death of a mother and child whose bodies were found in the trunk of a Toyota Alphard car parked at their house in Ciseuti Hamlet, Jalan Cagak Village, Jalan Cagak Sub-District, Subang Regency, last August 20 remains a mystery.

Why not, until the 12th day of their deaths, the perpetrators of the murders have not been revealed.

So far, after examining 17 people as witnesses, the police only suspect that more than one person has committed the murder.

The 17 people who were examined as witnesses came from the family and people around the location where the bodies were found.

The Subang Police Chief, AKBP Sumarni, said the alleged perpetrator was someone who knew the victim and already knew the picture inside the victim’s house.

“We are still investigating. But God willing, there will be a bright spot,” said Sumarni, asking reporters to be patient, Saturday (21/8/2021).

As is known, the mother and child are Tuti Herawati alias Enung (55 years) and Amelia Mustika Ratu (26 years).

Later, after the murder, a photo of Amelia circulated with a pose like a person giving a respectful greeting. In the photo she looks so beautiful in a light purple dress with a small bag. Her hair was tied back like a ponytail.

In the neighborhood where she lives, Amelia is known as the village flower. The bachelors in his village were scrambling to try to steal his attention. Likewise on campus, he is also the idol of many men.

Subang Police Criminal Investigation Unit Head AKP M Zulkarnaen said that the bodies of Amelia and her mother were first reported by her father when he came home from work.

“Initially the report was from the victim’s husband who saw his house in an unnatural condition at the TKP, then at the TKP there were blood spills from the kitchen to the car,” said Zulkarnaen.

Amelia’s father, or Tuti’s husband, traced the blood spill to his car. When he opened the trunk of the car, that’s where he found the bodies of his wife and child.

“The car is also in a condition where the keys are hanging in the Alphard car. Meanwhile in the room it’s a mess,” explained Zulkarnaen.


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