The Entertainment Industry Is Not As Beautiful As Shadows, These 8 Hollywood Actors Give Up and Choose Early Retirement

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The glittering entertainment industry of Hollywood has always been a dream place for artists around the world. Not without reason, the biggest entertainment industry in the world can indeed make someone rich and famous throughout the world. It is not surprising that many people are trying hard to enter and build a career in Hollywood. A number of the names of Indonesian artists have even started to be heard and become global thanks to their careers in the United States entertainment industry.

Even though it gives big dreams and hopes, the entertainment industry always has a negative side, let alone as big as Hollywood. Blasphemy and criticism from the haters until pressure from fans and the industry often becomes daily food for the perpetrators. Those who are mentally strong will survive. But there are also a number of actors and actresses who gave up and chose to retire early for various reasons after knowing the reality of the Hollywood ‘industry’. Anyone? Check out the full list below!

1. First there is Jake Lloyd. This former child actress is a victim of a fairly extreme industry. Because of his role in the “Star Wars” saga, he received relentless bullying from many parties. He then chooses to retire from acting and struggles with his mental illness

Jake Lloyd/Credit: Instagram @jake_lloyd_

2. Gene Hackman became an actor who felt fed up and retired early from the Hollywood industry. Not staying silent, Gene finally switched professions as a book writer and published 5 titles during his career

Gene Hackman/Credit: Instagram @genehackmanofficial

3. Daniel Day-Lewis is a famous actor with extraordinary talent. He lived as a character that he played himself. Over time he felt his life was so sad and decided to leave the world of acting

Daniel Day-Lewis/Credit: Instagram @danielbdaylewis

4. Next up is Jack Gleeson. This young actor is known for his good acting in the “Game of Thrones” series. Despite his success in getting a lot of attention, Jack chose to retire because his life was affected by the hatred of fans for his role in the series

Jack Gleeson/Credit: Instagram @jack_gleeson_fans_page

5. Liesel Matthew is an actress who started her career at the age of 10 years. After a career as a child actress, Liesel chose to retire early and chose to focus on completing her education

Liesel Matthew/Credit: Worth

6. Sean Connery is a legendary actor from Hollywood. Sean chose to retire from the industry because he was sick of the people in the industry. He then moved to the Bahamas and died peacefully

Sean Connery/Credit: Instagram @seanconneryofficial

7. Then there is Kay Panabaker. He left the world of acting after losing his love for the profession. Instead he studied zoology and became a zookeeper

Kay Panabaker/Credit: Instagram @kaypanabaker

8. Lastly there is the beautiful artist Demi Moore. Feeling that her privacy is being threatened, Demi Moore chooses to retire early from the industry after having children from her marriage and wants to live a quiet life

Demi Moore/Credit: Instagram @demimoore

So, those are some Hollywood artists who choose to leave the world of entertainment for various reasons. It turns out that not all are able to survive in this promising industry.


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