The young wife is in the spotlight, who is this woman on Yosef Hidayah’s side? – 1NEWS

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Yosep, the husband of the Subang murder victim.  Photo: St.

The topic of Yosef Hidayah’s young wife in the murder in Subang has recently become a concern. Police examined Yosef’s second wife to find out who killed Subang’s mother and child, Tuti Suhartini and her son Amalia Mustika Ratu, a week ago.

The police even took a DNA sample from Yosef’s second wife to be able to match and analyze it with the findings of the crime scene. Meanwhile, the police confiscated Yosef’s cellphone to find out the conversation and communication with the victim. So far, the identity of Yosef’s wife has not been published. What is known to the public is that Yosef’s second wife has the initials M.

Have a young wife, who is the woman on Joseph’s side

Yosep, the husband of the Subang murder victim. Photo: St.

Tuti’s relatives finally reveal that their brother’s household with Yosef has gotten worse since Yosef married his young wife. In fact, Tuti’s sister said that M often terrorized Tuti, you know.

Now, Yosef Hidayah’s social media is also devoid of information about their closeness or household relations.

On Yosef Hidayah’s Facebook account, posting photos is only a handful. There are no posts by Amel or Tuti.

On Yosef Hidayah’s Facebook account, the description is similar to Amalia Mustika Ratu’s Facebook account. On Yosef Hidayah’s Facebook account, education is listed at the Indonesian Computer University. This information is the same as that on Amalia’s Facebook account profile which says that she graduated from the Indonesian Computer University.

So, what is the content of Yosef Hidayah’s Facebook account? Not many photos or videos. And this account has not posted in a long time.

Now the photo in Yosef Hidayah’s account is a photo of Bung Karno and there is a Yosef Hidayah pose for a photo with a woman. is Friend Hopers do you know who the photo of the woman beside Yosef is?

Noisy household

The sister of Tuti, the victim of the murder of mother and child in Subang.  Photo: Tribune
The sister of Tuti, the victim of the murder of mother and child in Subang. Photo: Tribune

Tuti’s older sister, Lilis Sulastri, exposed the bad attitude of Yosef’s young wife with the initials M to the two murder victims in Subang during her lifetime.

According to Lilis, during her life, her sister did have a disharmony relationship with the young wife of Yosef with the initials M.

Inaccuracies are even often shown by acts of terror that are often carried out by Yosef’s young wife to Tuti.

Terror is carried out by sending inappropriate words via short messages.

“I was often terrorized by her husband’s young wife, often receiving inappropriate WA messages,” said Lilis as quoted by Hops on Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

He himself was surprised, and wondered what was the motive of Yosef’s young wife to Tuti, who often terrorized him with words in WA. Where, the action is carried out continuously.

“I don’t know what the problem is, maybe I’m jealous,” he said.

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