These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Regarded As Mothers Who Are Fierce and Assertive

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1NEWS Mother is a person who always gives unconditional love. They are protective, caring, and loving to their children.

Even so, sometimes mothers can be fierce and harsh. It should be remembered, they do it not because they hate or want to torture the child, but for the good of the child.

Based on astrology, it turns out that there are 4 zodiac signs who as mothers are often fierce and harsh. This is the zodiac, as revealed by the Pinkvilla page.


Mothers belonging to this zodiac are actually kind and fun. But they can also be tough. They demand that their children have discipline, integrity, and can maintain good manners. If the child lacks or lacks these qualities, they can be very terrible.


Another zodiac sign who really likes assertiveness is Capricorn. They are practical, tough, and known for their rational nature. They can come off as insensitive at times and easily become one of the fiercest moms out of all the zodiac.


A Taurus mom looks cool and easygoing, but she’s really not. Don’t let their sensitive side fool you. Taurus moms are really stubborn and they have high moral values ‚Äč‚Äčthat no one can break.


Virgo mothers are perfectionists and want their child to be a reflection of that too. They are very thorough and organized with everything, even when it comes to parenting. They never want to be let down, and so often make difficult parents.

Writer Hutapea Binsar

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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