Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Opening Live Broadcast Breaks Local TV Ratings

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Siaran Langsung Pembukaan Paralimpiade Tokyo...

ACCURATE.CO The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics just officially opened yesterday (24/8/2021). Unfortunately, the opening ceremony was held in the midst of the high number of COVID-19 cases that hit Japan.

Local authorities were forced to forbid their citizens to attend all venues for the Paralympic Games.

However, the Paralympic opening ceremony which was broadcast live broke local television ratings. The reason is, almost a quarter of households in Tokyo and surrounding areas watched the opening ceremony of the Paralympics on television.

This is based on data released by Video Research Ltd as a company engaged in local television ratings.

The data also shows that the average audience throughout Japan watched the ceremony live by NHK, which is the main channel for public broadcasters.

“It was really encouraging. So let’s hope we can keep that momentum going and get more people watching sport,” International Paralympic Committee spokesman Craig Spence said at a news conference.

The ceremony’s live broadcast ratings peaked at the moment when Paralympic athletes from 160 countries entered the National Stadium. In the Kansai region centered in Osaka in western Japan, ratings for NHK’s live broadcast of the ceremony averaged 17.8 percent.

For information, the 2020 Paralympics will be attended by 4,403 athletes from various countries. The Paralympics, consisting of 539 medals across 22 sports, will run until September 5.

As with the Tokyo Olympics which closed earlier this month, the Paralympics will mostly be a special event on a number of local Japanese TVs.

This was done, because the Paralympic organizing committee decided to hold the competition behind closed doors. Thus, local people can still watch the sporting event from home as part of measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

For information, the number of COVID-19 cases in Japan as of August 24, 2021 reached 1.34 million cases. This number increased by 21,160 people from the previous day.

The number of deaths in the country of cherry blossoms has so far reached 15,723 cases. This number is calculated since the COVID-19 case hit Japan in 2019.[]


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