Uki ex NOAH is disturbed by music, Anisa Bahar: The late Uje just preached through songs

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Anisa Bahar's upload.  Photo: Instagram

Uki ex-NOAH’s controversy regarding his response to music continues. Recently, the singer Anisa Bahar also responded to Uki’s statement which he considered too much. The reason is, Uki had mentioned that music is haram and felt disturbed every time he listened to it.

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“I think I’m too lazy, especially when I was originally a musician,” wrote Anisa Bahar on her Instagram story on Tuesday, August 24, 2021.

Not only that, Anisa also compared Uki’s attitude with the late Ustaz Jefri Al Buchori. According to Anisa, the late Uje only used music as a medium for da’wah. He also wrote sarcastic sentences so that Uki would stay in the forest if he was disturbed by listening to music.

“The late Uje just preached through songs, how many Ustads lectured through music. It’s better to live in the forest, don’t use cellphones, don’t watch TV live like the stone age again???” he said.

Furthermore, Anisa Bahar also uploaded an article about Uki ex Noah and wrote, “Prospective residents of heaven, amen.”

Anisa Bahar’s upload. Photo: Instagram

Uki ex-NOAH admits that he is disturbed by music

Uki ex NOAH.  Photo: Antara
Uki ex NOAH. Photo: Antara

Uki ex-NOAH’s attitude after the move did invite pros and cons from netizens. In his meeting with Ustaz Syafiq Riza Basalamah, Uki admitted that he was disturbed by the sound of music.

“What I feel is disturbing. After listening to the music, there is a verse that is missing, it feels like that,” said Uki on Ustaz Syafiq Riza Basalamah’s Youtube show.

In fact, Uki admitted that he was annoyed every time he listened to music and it took a week for his feelings to improve.

“Because we’ve always been listening to music. I used to be in a band, there was a lot of music in my head. So when you’re at the mall, on the plane, you hear it again, it’s kind of annoying. Suddenly there must be something stuck, upset in the heart. It took about a week to disappear again,” said Uki.

Uki also likens that music is like poison and it takes a long time to get rid of it.

“He (music) is like poison that sticks, it takes a while, especially since we are used to hearing it. So it does sound disturbing, Uki,” said Uki.

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