Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun Votes for Freedom of Expression

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Wanggi-Hoed-Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun

Posted on: 08/25/21 at 12:00 pm

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collaboration of music and pantonym art Wanggi Hoed and UTBBYS

What would happen if pantonymy art was combined with musical accompaniment by a band with a strong musical character? This could be the answer. Initiated by IDEABAKERS as a form of celebration of the Independence Day of the Nation and the Republic of Indonesia. Meet two local artists who represent their field of art. There is Wanggi Hoed, an Indonesian Mime Artist who has worked and collaborated with Indonesian artists. Combined musically by Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun (UTBBYS), a post-rock instrumental band from Bandung that has been active since 2007 until now.

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This collaboration resulted in a video clip with a duration of more than 5 minutes with the theme ‘Freedom of Expression’. Manufactured and worked well located in Bandung by the IDEABAKERS team. He clearly stated that independence was not just a momentum for reading the text of the proclamation. But also free to voice opinions and express themselves and continue to grow to be strong.

Selection of Works Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun

The music selected from UTBBYS entitled BrightLight accompanied the pantonymy movement performed by Wanggi Hoed. Basically there is always a positive spirit and aura in every art collaboration, therefore it didn’t take long for IDEABAKERS, Wanggi Hoed and UTBBYS to find an agreement and the collaboration between the 3 parties was realized.

In terms of songs, the meaning of BrightLight’s song itself for UTBBYS is like the momentum of a human being who was originally at the lowest point finally returning to the bright point of life, once again we have to interpret if a work of art can have multiple interpretations for the audience. Just like IDEABAKERS and Wanggi Hoed who think that this song is a spirit for free expression in various forms.

This 5 minute video can be watched live premiere August 27, 2021 later on the UTBBYS YouTube channel. However, some of the teasers can be seen on the IDEABAKERS Instagram channel, Wanggi Hoed’s personal account, and also the official UTBBYS account.

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Happy watching, and happy celebrating freedom of expression!

Source: Press Release
Writer & Editor: Arslan Musyfia

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