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Paling Seru

Most Fun – The TikTok account @mama51ta shares a horror story that happened to a mother. In the upload, mothers can be seen showing themselves in the mirror. But strangely, the expression and reality in the reflection of the glass are different. In reality, the mothers smiled with visible gigs, but in the mirror they showed a different smile.

This odd thing is often associated with myths in society. Many myths say that there are some scary moments when looking in the mirror. One of the unintentionally visible moments is a different expression when looking in the mirror. The myth of different expressions when looking in the mirror is believed to often occur when you wake up.

The video shows reality smiling broadly with teeth showing, but in the mirror reflection, he doesn’t show a big smile with teeth looking like in reality. The video of different expressions that lasted more than 10 seconds made the netizens who saw it feel goosebumps.

The video has already received 221 thousand likes and 5.9 comments. Many netizens were shocked and gloomy when they saw it. In fact, the woman in the video is seen changing the pose of the video several times.

“The hairs on the back of my neck stood in a gang,” write the TikTok account @ajeng.harvani.

“It’s different, the original smile with teeth, the glass is different again,” write the TikTok account @scorpio01181.

“When you look at the camera, it’s really scary, help,” write a TikTok account @nisaarsitaaaa.

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