Widow Makes Video Recording Her Own Body Without Clothing in the Room, This is the Cause of the Video Spreading

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A widow made a video recording of her own body without clothes, it went viral on social media (social media).

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It is known that the 31-year-old widow recorded her naked body in her bedroom.

It was revealed that the video of a naked young widow in the room spread so quickly that it went viral.

Video footage of the young widow’s nakedness went viral on social media after the video was sent to someone.

However, the young widow with the initials ZA and even then has to deal with the police.

ZA is suspected of spreading pornographic content herself when ZA is not wearing clothes in the bedroom.

A woman from Batuputih Sub-district, Sumenep, Madura, made a nude video of herself being revealed.

ZA admitted that the person in the video was indeed him.

This was revealed by ZA during an examination by the Sumenep Police Police.

Reported by TribunnewsBogor.com from TribunMadura, a 31-year-old lecherous widow was arrested on Saturday (7/12/2021) at around 02.00 WIB.

ZA was immediately taken to the Women and Children Protection Unit of the Sumenep Police for an examination.

ZA’s naked video has gone viral on social media since Friday (12/6/2021).

Head of the Sumenep Police Public Relations Subdivision, AKP Widiarti Sutioningtyas said that his party had secured ZA.

Based on her confession to officers, ZA recorded a video of her naked in October 2019.

“Our members have arrested suspect ZA, he is making a video in his private room,” he said, Monday (9/12/2021).

On Friday (12/6/2021), at around 13.00 WIB, members of the Sumenep Police Resmob Unit conducted an investigation into the circulation of pornographic videos that occurred in the Batuputih District area, Sumenep.

“We received information that the actor in the porn video had the initials ZA. After an investigation, our members secured him for further investigation,” said Widiarti.

From ZA’s hands, the police secured a blue batik sarong and a pink Xiomi type 4A cell phone.

According to him, ZA’s motive for making the pornographic video was for his own consumption.

Based on his confession to officers, ZA said he was just having fun and wanted to see his own body shape while in the bedroom.

“The suspect wanted to see his own body shape by making the video, but the video ended up circulating everywhere,” he said.

According to AKP Widiarti Sutioningtyas, when questioned, ZA admitted that this was the first time it had been done.

“It’s the first time,” he said simply.

Video saved on HP

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Sumenep Police, AKP Tego S Marwoto said that the video was stored in ZA’s cellphone gallery.

“The video is stored in the gallery of his Xiaomi cellphone,” said Tego S Marwoto, Monday (9/12/2021) launching the East Java Tribune.

According to the police, this young widow’s naked video was sent to someone.

Until finally, ZA’s naked video was spread on social media.

“Then the video was sent to someone, now someone is the one who then spreads it,” he said.

Police Hunt for Video

The police are still hunting for the video spreader of the naked woman in the room.

The police have not yet explicitly revealed who the person who spread the video was.

AKP Tego S Marwoto said that at this time his party was still investigating the case of the pornographic video

“We’re looking into it,” he said.

The 31-year-old woman currently has to deal with the police.

ZA, is currently languishing in the detention center of the Sumenep Police.

He was entangled in the law on pornography and had to be locked behind a detention cell.

“ZA is subject to the application of Article 29 of the Republic of Indonesia Law No. 44 of 2008 concerning Pornography,” he said.

From ZA’s hands, the police secured a blue batik sarong and a pink Xiomi type 4A cell phone.


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