10 Newest Portraits of Sule and Nathalie that are More Intimate, Make Netizens Baper Maximum! – Boombass

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Sule and Nathalie Holscher tied the knot on November 15, 2020. Their domestic life was also hit by problems. The reason is that Nathalie left Sule’s house, only five months after getting married.

But Sule and Nathalie managed to resolve the misunderstanding between them. Now Nathalie was back home. The two of them also look more intimate. Here’s a happy portrait of Sule and Nathalie Holscher.

1. Sule and Nathalie’s intimacy is not just gossip. The news was confirmed by Princess Delina. Putri admits that Nathalie doesn’t want to be separated from Sule for long.

Nathalie kisses a pillow with Sule’s picture [sumber gambar]

2. Sule’s daughter also said that Nathalie always wanted to be beside Sule even though her husband was busy at work.

Sule and Nathalie look at each other [sumber gambar]

3. Netizens suspect that the two are sticking together, because Nathalie is pregnant with Sule’s baby, which is now in its fourth month.

Sule and Nathalie smiling happily [sumber gambar]

4. Just like pregnant women in general, Nathalie also feels cravings. But Nathalie’s cravings are actually considered strange by Sule. He revealed that Nathalie told him to dismantle the house and wanted to buy a helicopter.

Sule and Nathalie selfie together [sumber gambar]

5. While enjoying the moment of pregnancy, apparently Nathalie had to get another trial. He is widely rumored to be having an affair with his manager, Panji Komara. There are even irresponsible parties who spread exciting videos on behalf of Nathalie.

Sule and Nathalie [sumber gambar]

6. Nathalie was not afraid and instead challenged anyone who could show the video. The 28-year-old woman believes the video is just a hoax. Nathalie and Panji have also denied the affair.

Nathalie kisses Sule’s cheek [sumber gambar]

7. Meanwhile, Sule admitted that he was angry and disturbed by the bad news that had happened to Nathalie. But he has forgiven the spreader of the issue and prefers to focus on maintaining his wife’s health during her pregnancy.

Sule and Nathalie with their children [sumber gambar]

8. Nathalie tells that Sule always pampers himself. While sleeping, Sule often rubbed Nathalie’s belly which had grown bigger.

Sule and Nathalie on a photoshoot [sumber gambar]

9. Nathalie also shows feelings of happiness because Sule wants to comply with her wishes. He said that Sule was willing to buy corned beef toast at one o’clock in the morning.

Sule and Nathalie are getting closer [sumber gambar]

10. Sule himself said that Nathalie who was pregnant had changed to be more sensitive and emotionally unstable. But he remained patient and understood Nathalie’s condition.

Sule and Nathalie playing TikTok [sumber gambar]

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Not only on Instagram, Sule and Nathalie also show their solidarity on their Youtube channel. Recently, the harmony between Sule and Nathalie was seen when Sule faithfully accompanied Nathalie to check her pregnancy at the obstetrician. After being hit by a storm, Sule and Nathalie actually understand each other better.

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