4 Shocking Facts About 14 Quadrillion Treasures Found in Afghanistan – Boombastis

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The country is controlled by the Taliban, the president flees, and the population is scrambling to find any means to flee from their own homes, are a series of news recently heard from Afghanistan. Sad, pitiful and sad, the fate of Afghanistan seems so bleak and who knows when it will get better.

Behind the events above, there is no less interesting the world’s attention, namely the discovery of treasures. It is estimated that this discovery has a value of US $ 1 trillion or approximately Rp. 14,400 trillion or 14 quadrillion. Wow, does this invention really exist? What are the real facts?

First discovered in 2010, it turned out to be a mineral mine

lithium illustration [sumber gambar]

Quoted from the New York Times, the treasure in Afghanistan in the form of mineral mines was found by the United States, or rather a small team of Pentagon officials and geologists in 2010. In this newly discovered mine there are deposits of iron ore, copper, cobalt , gold and an important industrial metal, namely lithium in very large quantities. This mineral is said to be very important for modern industrial needs.

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