A Mural Contest Appears in Jogja, DIY Police Warns Criminals

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1NEWS – A movement called Gejayan Calling held a mural competition and was immediately supervised by the DIY Regional Police (Polda).

The Head of the Public Relations (Humas) Division of the Yogyakarta Regional Police, Kombes Pol Yuliyanto asked that the mural materials made by the contestants did not offend one party.

Even Yuliyanto also advised the mural maker to choose the right location.

“If the location of the mural chosen by the participants is allowed by the place manager, it will not become a ban,” said Yuliyanto.

The Head of Public Relations also gave an example if the location is under a bridge, when the manager or owner of the place does not allow it, participants should look for another location.

“If it’s a private place, of course there will be owner’s permission. But if it’s a public place, in the sense that it’s under the authority of the district/city government, of course they have the authority there, as long as they allow it, there’s no prohibition,” explained Yuliyanto.

In addition, Yuliyanto also advised that the mural or painting materials that will be made should not offend other parties.

“From a material point of view, it must not offend certain parties. The consequences will be various, possibly leading to criminal acts or violating public order,” he said.

Regarding the winner of the competition, which is oriented to the quickest eradication by the authorities, Yuliyanto does not want to speculate much.

Because the deletion was not carried out by his staff.

“If the assessment is left to the initiator of the event, yes. It’s not the police who delete it,” he added as quoted fromAyoyogya.com.

Then, if the mural is negatively charged or has the potential to offend other parties, Yuliyanto submits it to the local government in this case the Satpol PP to take action.

As previously reported, the mural painting on the Kewek Bridge, Yogyakarta City was removed by the Yogyakarta City Satpol PP.

The Satpol PP considers that the mural written with Silenced violates the regional regulation and offends certain parties.

From the actions of the apparatus, Gejayan Calling held a competition in the form of a mural competition that all artists could participate in.

For artists whose murals are removed the fastest by the authorities, they will get more points and will be promoted.

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