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Born on 1is February 1965 in Monaco, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco is part of the famous princely family of Monaco. Known to be a rebellious woman at heart, she has had a real princess life with its ups and downs. Through this article, discover her story, her family and some interesting facts that she lived.

She is the daughter of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III

Her father was Prince Rainier III and her mother was actress Grace Kelly. For 55 years, Prince Rainier III was at the head of this constitutional monarchy that is Monaco. Grace Kelly was an Oscar-winning model and actress when she met Prince Rainier III. Their lavish wedding was a milestone for many. During this union, they had 3 children: Princess Caroline of Monaco, Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Stéphanie of Monaco. Stéphanie is the youngest.

The car accident with his mother

On September 13, 1982, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco was in a car driven by her mother Grace Kelly. On the road to Turbi, they had an accident which was fatal for Grace Kelly. Doctors said she had a stroke during the journey. In addition a few days before, she complained of migraines. During the accident, the car left the road, fell into a void and landed in the parking lot of a villa. They were both able to be rescued. Grace Kelly did not die instantly but the next day in hospital. Stéphanie got out of it, not without difficulty. She had broken necks and broken ribs. Stéphanie remained in convalescence for a few months.

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