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In the ancient pre-Netflix era of 1970-1980s’ TV shows and movies were the only kind of entertainment available to the masses. Every new actor or actress was immediately showered with love and adoration by millions of Americans, especially if the artists were cute little kids. Some of them were one-trick ponies, fading away after a few seasons, while others went on to become huge household names.

Here’s how our favorite child stars from the 70s and 80s look today.

1. Johnny Whitaker

Family Affair was Johnny Whitaker’s bread and butter back in the day. That is until he found out about the sweet nectar of the gods called booze and whatever came after that. Needless to say, the 90s were rough for Whitaker, but he’s been clean for years now, popping up in cameos here and there.

2. Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt’s career may have started with the 1960’s Swiss Family Robinson, but the following decades made her a world-renowned actress. Even to this day, Helen takes small and minimum roles in movies and TV shows.

3. Mike Lookinland

Remember Bobby from The Brady Bunch? Every kid in the 70s’ knew who Mike was, but after the show ended, people quickly forgot about him. Lookinland did get a few small roles over the years, but ultimately, he’ll forever remain Bobby Brady for the boomer generation. Today he’s into decorative concrete, whatever that means.

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