Living alone in a small hut near the cemetery, Grandpa Suhari can only endure hunger every day because he can no longer work – 1NEWS

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Living with the limitations and incompetence of Grandpa Suhari’s energy, he can only lie in a hut which is located next to a public cemetery

Grandpa Suhari passes day after day alone, his current condition is very worrying, he only sleeps on a sarong that is shabby and torn. There is no bed as a place to rest.

His previous job was as a grass seeker, but after he had an accident that resulted in an injury to his right leg, he is currently unable to work.

For his daily food and drink needs, he can only depend on neighbors or people who care about him.

He doesn’t even have a change of clothes, every day Grandpa Suhari only wears clothes that stick to his body because Grandpa Suhari doesn’t have a change of clothes. The treasure that Grandpa Suhari has is one tablespoon which he uses when someone feeds him.

The hut he lives in is only 3×3 square meters. There are no toilets and toilets. If you want to defecate, Grandpa Suhari can only use the small stream near the tomb as a place to defecate or just to take a bath.

Money is not there Grandpa Suhari is confused, if he wants to buy medicine, soap and other necessities of life. At this time Grandpa Suhari can only pray that soon there will be help to ease his burden.

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