Making Haru, His Wife and 3 Children Have Died, This Grandpa Can Only Live Alone In A Small Shack – 1NEWS

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His 3 children and wife died a few years ago from poison. Grandpa Ma’as was devastated. Now Grandpa Ma’as is alone living in a 1.5 x 1.5 m garden hut, which has a hole in it and does not have a light.

To survive, Grandpa worked as a hoe laborer in other people’s fields or guarding other people’s gardens. His income from working as a farm laborer is not sufficient for his daily needs, so this grandfather often suffers from hunger and illness.

In addition, Ma’as’ grandfather who is old and physically weak makes it difficult for him to work and often falls ill. If it hurts he can only endure it alone.

“Grandpa’s house is dark every night, son, there is no light. So if it rains, Grandpa, it’s dark while holding back the cold,” said Grandpa Maas

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