Please Be Attention and Don’t Underestimate This Woman Falls and Finally Dies Because Her Long Skirt Gets Stuck in the Motorcycle Gear

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For women, both young and old, skirts are a comfortable choice of clothing. Especially for women who wear hijab. But unfortunately, behind that convenience tucked some risks.

Among them are skirts wrapped around the motor gear. This incident has even been experienced very often by long skirt users, and many have resulted in death, such as the recent case that occurred on Jalan Army Pelajar, Dusun Tambak, Triharjo, District Wates, Kulon Progo, Special Region of Yogyakarta.

Ironically, the victim this time was a middle-aged woman on behalf of Sumiyem. This 55-year-old grandmother was declared dead by the medical team at the Wates Hospital, at 14.00 WIB.

Previously, Sumiyem traveled with her son on a Honda Grand Hitam motorcycle.

Both of them attended a celebration at Jalan Josuto, Wates.

When leaving, reported, the trip was smooth and there were no problems because Sumiyem, who wore a modern kebaya with a skirt that had wings, sat astride. But when he came home, Sumiyem chose to sit sideways.

“The child has warned his mother not to sit sideways but to walk. It didn’t take long for the accident to occur,” explained Iin, the family.

The deceased, continued Iin, was buried the next day, Monday (12/30/2019) afternoon.

For this incident, Iin also appealed to mourners and residents to pay more attention to clothing when riding a motorcycle.

“We remind everyone to be more careful. At least have to tidy up before driving. We hope that residents will dress according to the vehicle they are using, especially with a motorcycle with an open gear,” he said.


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