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Darsinah’s grandmother and Siyu’s grandmother are brothers. Darsinah’s grandmother is the sister of Siyu’s grandmother. Darsinah’s grandmother is currently blind in both eyes. Grandmother Darsinah’s left eye had ruptured because after going to the nearest clinic in the afternoon it broke on its own, while her left eye also couldn’t see.

Nek Darsinah had experienced this condition four years ago. As a result of the incident, Grandma Darsinah could no longer work and depended on her older sister, Granny Siyu. Grandmother Siyu, who works every day to look for junk, relies on her one left eye, Grandma Siyu’s right eye can’t see either due to a damaged nerve.

Departing after dawn, returning home at 4 pm Nek Siyu went down the road to scavenge. Siyu’s grandmother had no children, her husband had died a long time ago. So that the two grandmothers are left struggling to rely on one left eye that is owned by Grandma Siyu.

Grandma Siyu’s current income is uncertain because the used bottles that she data from scavenging can only be stuck at home because there are no collectors who want to buy them.

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