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1NEWS – Large calf shape can be caused by several things such as genetic factors and fat accumulation. Although it does not cause disturbing symptoms or complaints, many people feel less confident having calves that are too fatty. Therefore they want to shrink the calves, so that their appearance can be better.

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There are various ways that can be done to shrink calves. Starting from doing certain types of exercise regularly to undergoing surgery. For sports, you can do some light movements, and of course supported by a healthy diet, so that your body weight remains ideal. Quoted from the page allodokterHere are some types of sports and physical exercises that can be done to shrink calves.


Jogging can get rid of fat all over the body, including fat in the calves and legs. In addition, jogging can also maintain heart health and improve sleep quality. In addition to jogging, you can also go up and down stairs regularly or try hiking to shrink your calves.


You can also try swimming to shrink your calves naturally. In fact, there are many other benefits of swimming, such as helping to maintain a healthy heart and lungs, burning fat, and maintaining an ideal body weight. This sport is also good for training the flexibility and strength of muscles and joints of the body, while reducing stress.

Pilates or yoga

Stretching the muscles can make your calves look slimmer. You can stretch with Pilates or yoga. Both of these sports can also help increase muscle strength, relieve joint pain, improve flexibility and posture, and maintain body balance.

Jump rope

Jumping rope that is done regularly can be used as an exercise option to shrink and tighten calves. In addition, jumping rope is also useful for tightening the stomach, increasing lung capacity, and helping increase stamina.


Not only fun, cycling also has many benefits for the body, especially for the lower body. Cycling is a good choice of exercise to strengthen the muscles of the legs, calves, and thighs, so that these body parts can appear smaller and firmer.

Weight training

So that the shape of the calf looks smaller and proportional, you can add a portion of the sport by doing weight training on the calf muscles. One of the easiest weight training exercises for the calf muscles is tiptoeing. Here’s how to do it:

  • Lean your body against the wall, so that the balance of the body is maintained.
  • Spread your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Keep your ankles, knees, and hips straight and not bent, to avoid joint injuries.
  • Press the soles of the front feet, to lift the body up.
  • Keep your body straight for 5 seconds, then position your feet straight back on the floor. Do this exercise 10 times and repeat 3 times every day.
  • To increase the intensity of this exercise, you can do it with one hand holding a dumbbell or other weights, while the other hand still holding on to the wall to maintain body balance.

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