The Story of Haru, Grandpa and Grandma, Traveling around Selling Vegetables Together for 25 KM, for the sake of Survival – 1NEWS

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When the body is getting weaker, the age is getting older with weak steps and the remaining energy they still have to struggle to survive. Around 25 KM selling other people’s vegetables. In fact, Grandpa and Grandma often have to travel further if the vegetables haven’t all been sold.

His name is Grandpa Siman, now Grandpa is 74 years old and Grandpa’s wife is 73 years old. Grandpa sells other people’s vegetables for 35 thousand. Grandparents sell from dawn until after noon. After selling, Grandpa handed over the produce to the vegetable owner.

Interrupted around, Grandpa and Grandma did not forget to stop at the mosque to perform Worship. Grandpa even called to prayer at the mosque, MasyaAllah. “We never know how old we are, son, so no matter how busy we are, don’t leave prayer, stay patient at work, God willing, it will be easy,” said Grandpa Siman

Grandpa and Grandma live in a small 2×3 house in the middle of the garden. Just enough for Grandpa and Grandma.

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