11 Stories of Netizens Meeting Their Match Prove That God’s Plans Often Run So Funny

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For some people, the fear of being able to meet a soul mate in the future is a problem in itself. Especially in the midst of a pandemic that forces us to stay at home more. Don’t meet school friends, don’t meet people on campus, work from home, even to buy food more often use services ojol.

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“Then how can we meet our soul mate if we only spend every day at home?”

The sentence above is certainly so ringing for many people. Naturally, having a mate is a dream coveted by all. However, this wishful thinking is not as easy as turning the palm of your hand. No wonder some people suddenly think about it. Don’t worry, God’s plans are usually unique and funny, just like the stories of these netizens.

1. How far is your love adventure, if you are destined to marry your first love, that will happen too~

Married with first love / Credit: Twitter

2. Read it, you don’t have to worry if you never feel the name of dating. There are too many out there who meet their soul mate without using the courtship process

Matchmaking is not going anywhere / Credit: Twitter

3. No, this is not a soap opera. This is called love at first sight. Seriously, stories like this really do exist!

I wonder too / Credit: Twitter

4. God’s plan for love matters sometimes doesn’t sound natural. Always a mystery that can’t be solved :’)

How come!? / Credit: Twitter

5. People who have wide friendships do not guarantee that it will be easier for mate affairs. It’s been said, right? Matchmaking is a very mysterious process~

Many friends don’t guarantee / Credit: Twitter

6. Well, that’s why if you’re in a hurry, it’s better to use the time to sweep the yard for fun. Who knows, you will find your soul mate through there

Found a soul mate because of sweeping / Credit: Twitter

7. It seems like love stories should go well random like this. If it’s not absurd, it’s not love~

Can’t believe it / Credit: Twitter

8. Tomorrow, for example, if you have a child and the child asks where the parents can meet, the answer will make you emotional :’)

Because of riding the toilet / Credit: Twitter

9. If you still feel that the way to meet your soul mate above is less strange and makes you shake your head, you must have never heard of a story like this

God has many ways / Credit: Twitter

10. guys, this hope should not stop at you, huh! Even though the possibility is very small~

Cheers guys! / Credit: Twitter

11. There will always be a way for anyone who is not tired of trying. Just imagine, just lying down can get a mate

Met my soul mate when I lay down / Credit: Twitter

In essence, the matter of a mate does not need to be thought about until it makes you dizzy. God must have prepared a way, you just have to find a way to get through that road.

Remember, everyone is given a different path. Some were given toll roads, some were given provincial roads, some were given roads full of twists and turns. In fact, there is also a given road rat alias narrow alley. Just be patient~

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