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Who says plant-based food is bland and not delicious?

Dream – In addition to exercise, more and more people are adopting a healthier diet. There are quite a few types of diets that can be tried on the internet, from the keto diet to plant-based diet.

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All types of diets can provide their own health benefits. Plant-based diet It has health benefits for the body and the environment. The diet is also not simply not consuming animal food sources.

Plant-based food It doesn’t have to be from a vegetable (food) source. It can still be combined with animal (food) sources,” said Dion Haryadi, Certified Sports Nutritionist at the ‘IKEA Offers Plant-based Menu’ event, Friday 27 August 2021.

The benefits of this diet for the health of the body have been guaranteed by a study. So, it is very safe to be carried out regularly. Of course, you have to keep exercising and get enough rest to be able to maintain health and endurance.

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Tips for starting a plant-based diet

Do not rush

If you want to start a plant-based diet, start slowly. Do not immediately replace all animal food sources and stop eating them.

“You don’t have to do it right away. Start little by little. Start daring to try (plant based diet). Don’t be too hasty. Just start with small things or start with one meal first. Then, start adding vegetables,” he said.

Pay attention to how to process food

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Consider how to process vegetables so that they taste good when eaten and are not bland. You can search for various recipes on the internet to be creative in processing plant-based food ingredients.

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Combining food sources

Don’t forget to combine the sources of plant foods that are used so that the body’s nutrients are still fulfilled. “Don’t eat the same food. It must be combined. The more colorful and various types of food, the better.”

Consistent diet

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Furthermore, Dion advised to always be consistent when undergoing a diet so that the health benefits are more pronounced and maintained.

Apart from experimenting in your own kitchen, you can also try plant-based food sold at IKEA. The price is cheap too. Starting from IDR 6-40 thousand, you can already taste plant-based food which tastes not much different from animal-based foods.

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