6 Various Traditions of Donations and Wedding Gifts in the World. It turns out that you are unique!

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When you receive a wedding invitation in hand, you may start to think about what gifts you will bring and give to the bride and groom or how much to donate if it is in cash. Usually, gifts are in the form of equipment needed to start the life of the newlyweds, such as plates, glasses, and even a vacuum cleaner. Well, it turns out to be a tradition give wedding gifts This form varies in different parts of the world.

There are also those who receive donation in cash, but apparently there are other unique things that are usually accepted as a wedding gift. About anything? Check out the full explanation from The Knot and the following sources!

1. It turns out that Italy also believes that wedding gifts are a form of respect from guests to the owner of your wedding ceremony

Italian Wedding/ Credit: Italy Magazine

Italian-style weddings also adhere to a thick tradition and are full of symbols. Guests who come are expected to bring gifts that have a luxury value. The higher the degree of the family holding the wedding, the more expensive the gift. In fact, instead of giving a cheap gift and making the bride feel unappreciated, if she can’t afford it, then the invitation should be rejected from the start.

2. Romantic countries like France are not very open about what they want as a gift, but there are traditions too~

Credit: Photo by Dimitri Kuliuk from Pexels

I don’t feel like writing wedding registry made the French prefer to give cash as donations. However, they also have the option of giving gifts in the form of vintage linen France which is considered to be beneficial for the bride and groom even for many years after.

3. Unlike Italy, England does not allow its guests to spend too much money to buy gifts

Royal wedding/ Credit: Vanity Fair

The British were quite understanding in offering this gift. Guests who come should not give gifts that are too little or too expensive. The parameter is to estimate how much money the couple will spend in one go for a night outing. The form can be cash for honeymoon funds or traditional items given on the wedding day.

4. Japan, which is full of impressions of its traditions in various fields including marriage, apparently prefers to accept donations in the form of money

Japanese Wedding/ Credit: Japanology

This money donation is known as goshugi and the amount varies depending on the social status of the donor. Usually a boss will give more money than a coworker and women give less because they also have to spend money on dressing up and buying clothes. For people single those who are not so close range from 30,000 yen, while those who are closer can give 50,000 to 100,000 yen.

5. Different from other countries, the Netherlands instead gives gifts in the form of flowers that are unique to this country

Dutch Wedding/ Credit: Rachael Pareira

If other countries give gifts in a form that has more functional value, it turns out that the Netherlands has chosen to give flowers as a tradition. The flowers given were Lily of the Valley flowers to be planted in the yard of the bride’s house as a symbol of a new joyful journey for them.

6. Spain apparently prefers to accept gifts in the form of money, both in cash and by transfer

Spanish Wedding/ Credit: June Bug Wedding

Usually to receive this money, the bride and groom will put an account number in the invitation. The amount is usually sufficient to cover the cost of the food served at the reception, and along with this donation a letter of congratulations is written in the name of the giver. The usual minimum amount is 100 euros per person.

Wow, it turns out that donations or gifts given to brides around the world are also eleven twelve, yes. This donation was not far from the social status of both the bride and the guests who came.


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