8 Benefits of Bulus Oil, Can Make Your Sex Session More Vigorous!

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Benefits of Bulus Oil

Various kinds of health products are tried by someone in order to achieve the desired benefits, one of which is Bulus oil. Yes, natural ingredients cannot be underestimated because they are believed to be profitable for certain purposes.

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For a long time, natural oils such as bulus oil have been predicted to be effective in dealing with skin and beauty problems. No wonder, most of the users of this oil are women. However, even fathers can use it.

8 Benefits of Bulus Oil

Please note that the process of making this one oil is not as easy as imagined. To get quality oil, it takes care and patience in the process.

Starting from melting the fluff fat into oil. Called Amyda cartilaginea in Latin, bulus is a type of soft-backed tortoise from the tribe Trionychidae. In contrast to turtles with hard shells, turtles have a soft back consisting of cartilage.

This part of the cartilage is covered with thick and slippery skin. Bulus are found in many Southeast Asian countries. In Indonesia, Bulus are found in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Lombok, to Sulawesi.

The oil that comes from this fur is dried in the sun and cooked in such a way that the fat is extracted into oil. The oil is then separated and dried. Only then can this oil be packaged.

Many people think this oil smells bad, but this oil seems to still be the champion because of the row of benefits it carries.

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1. Tighten Skin

The first benefit of Bulus oil for beauty is that it can tighten the skin. Bulus oil has a high enough vitamin E content so that it can make the skin firm and healthy.

2. Overcoming Acne

Parents In the middle of battling acne that seems endless, it is mandatory to try Bulus Oil as the answer.

The method is also easy, just apply it to the area of ​​​​the face with acne on a regular basis. Leave it on for a while to make sure the oil absorbs into the skin. After that rinse thoroughly.

3. Prevents Wrinkles

Benefits of Bulus Oil

As we age, the natural collagen production in facial skin will decrease, triggering signs of aging. Starting from dark spots, fine lines, to very noticeable wrinkles.

If it’s like this, women flock to hunt for anti-aging products that are indeed circulating in the market. If such a product is deemed too expensive, you can try Bulus oil as an alternative that is no less efficacious.

The trick is to apply castor oil on the face, especially on the part where there are wrinkles.

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4. Brighten Skin

Who doesn’t want their skin to glow brightly? However, outdoor activities require you to see the sun often enough that this kind of desire seems to be a dream. There, the skin is at risk of becoming dull and uneven.

In addition to sunscreen, this oil can be a helper in brightening dull skin. In addition to brightening, this oil is able to disguise black spots due to exposure to ultraviolet light. To get maximum results, use regularly before activities outside the home.

5. Tighten Breasts

During pregnancy until the breastfeeding phase arrives, it is likely that women will feel their breasts sagging. Who would have thought, this oil is also famous and is believed to be effective in making the breasts firmer.

First, clean the breast first with warm water to open the pores. After that, just apply the castor oil evenly on the breasts. Massage with movements from the bottom up, so as not to loosen.

Breast massage with this Bulus oil can be done at least 15 minutes to half an hour. After that, let the oil soak for at least an hour, and rinse if you need to rinse. Use regularly before bed for optimal results.

6. Increase Sexual Arousal

Benefits of Bulus Oil

Not only for women, this oil can be used for the benefit of the adam. Yes, castor oil is beneficial to overcome the risk of impotent, you know! In fact, this oil can be a god helper sex more stable. Dad can do massage therapy with castor oil as a spread.

Massage therapy is not for the face, but to repair the blood vessels in the male genital area. The trick, apply the castor oil evenly on the penis. Make sure to apply it from the base towards the head of the penis, not backwards. For the record, avoid the head and testicles area.

Do this movement for at least 15 minutes to half an hour. Then let it sit for an hour or so before cleaning it. After cleaning, Parents can have sex sessions.

7. Remove Scars

Whoever it is, male or female, scars can be a problem that interferes with appearance. For example, for women, of course they want to get rid of scars when they have to undergo a cesarean section.

Or, remove stretch marks that lingers after childbirth. Well, you can rub it on areas of the body that have cellulite or stretch marks this. Regular use will make the lines on the body fade and then disappear.

8. Cure Itching and Eczema

In addition to beauty, this oil can also overcome skin problems.

Skin problems such as itching and eczema can be treated by using castor oil. The trick is to apply on the itchy skin or areas of skin that have eczema.

ParentsAre you interested in experiencing the benefits of castor oil in your daily life?

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