A month of marriage is always full of laughter, Mumuk Gomez: So a good start in building the foundation of a marriage

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One month ago, Mumuk Gomez officially married Eno Retra who is a businessman as well as his own best friend. When the two were preparing for their wedding, Mumuk often received various insults from netizens. Starting from Mumuk who is considered lucky to be able to get a handsome Eno to be considered imitating Atta and Aurel’s wedding dress.

Mumuk also gave his response with ‘cool’ words and it doesn’t feel like the two of them have now been living together for a month. Mumuk and Eno uploaded the moments of their one-month marriage to each other through the Instagram page on Thursday (26/8).

Mumuk Gomez uploaded the moment of her one month wedding. They both admit that they are still learning to understand each other’s habits

Last Thursday (26/8), Mumuk Gomez uploaded a photo of the two of them with her husband on her Instagram page as a moment to commemorate one month of her marriage. “It’s been officially one month since we’ve been married, it’s been observed that there hasn’t been a significant argument, in fact we are more comfortable showing the absurdity. Day after day we live almost full of laughter this month, after a month ago almost every day we couldn’t laugh considering how pounding the preparations and all the drama leading up to the D-day was,” said Mumuk.

As a couple who have not been married for a long time, Mumuk and Eno look compact and are a humorous couple because they often share funny things on their Instagram page. Mumuk also said that currently he and Eno are still both learning to understand each other. “We are still learning to understand each other’s bad habits, we are still learning to explore new roles, and we will continue to learn. I don’t get tired of saying, as long as with Eno, learning anything is fun, even though sometimes it’s absurd and a little gassy,” said Mumuk.

Not only Mumuk, Eno also uploaded the moment of his one month marriage through a video of the two of them

Unlike Mumuk who uploaded a photo, Eno actually uploaded a video containing himself and Mumuk looking to tidy up the room. In the description of the video, Eno said, “Hahaha it’s been a month at home with a wife, the handyman complains if the room isn’t cleaned anymore, it’s fun but now someone is helping if you want to do something, someone is always accompanying you, someone is always giving advice, someone is rock if you say so,” he wrote.

Eno also said, “Alhamdulillah, so far most of them laugh because our behavior is not clear, wow,” he said. Eno also felt that during this month they laughed more because of their humorous and ‘absurd’ characters.

In Mumuk and Eno’s upload, there are still netizens who are sarcastic about their domestic life. But, this time they chose to take it casually. Let’s pray that Mumuk and Eno’s marriage will always be happy. ️


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