A viral boy named Aming Salleh dies, netizens also feel the loss

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Indonesia and Malaysia are neighboring countries that are quite harmonious. Even though we are from different countries, we and the Malaysian people have little in common in terms of language. Because of this, both we and the people of Malaysia can enjoy the entertainment industry of each country. Countless Indonesian artists and singers are very popular with Malaysians and vice versa.

Recently, a boy named Adik Aming Salleh managed to attract the attention of Indonesian netizens. Appearing in a cute style and giving a positive message, Adik Aming Salleh has become a new idol on the internet. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see Adik Aming Salleh again in the future. The latest news says that Aming has died.

Aming Salleh, a viral boy from Malaysia has died. Malaysian Prime Minister mourns the loss of the boy

Sad news came from a neighboring country. The viral boy from Malaysia, Aming Salleh, reportedly died on Thursday, August 26, 2021 yesterday. The news about Aming’s death was also shared by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who shared his condolences when he heard this sad news. Aming Salleh was declared dead at 1.30 in the morning after previously experiencing shortness of breath. Even though according to his mother, Aming still had time to help him prepare the merchandise to be sold in the market.

Aming became famous after his video went viral on social media. He lectured netizens about the correct use of masks. His style, which resembled a lecturing cleric, immediately caught the public’s attention. After that, his other videos were also widely watched by the public. Especially when he gently advises his mother about religion. Even in his recent video he advised his mother to keep himself from sin. He innocently expressed how much he loved his mother so he didn’t want her to go to hell.

Aming became also famous for imitating Ustaz Das’ad Latif’s lecture style. The Ustaz admitted that he was helped by Adik Aming in spreading da’wah to Indonesia

Apart from family and relatives, the person who was hardest hit by Aming’s departure was Ustaz Das’ad Latif. This becomes natural considering that Aming is famous for imitating his lecture style. According to Ustaz Latif, Aming really helped him convey Islamic da’wah to Indonesia. For the Ustaz, Aming is a smart child and is able to attract the attention of many people with the positive messages he often shares.

Goodbye Aming Salleh. Thank you for entertaining Malaysians and Indonesians and for providing positive messages to inspire. May your deeds of worship be accepted by God Almighty. I hope that Adik Aming will find the best place by His side. Amen.


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