Alleged defamation, Laura Aprilya officially reports Shandy Aulia to the police

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Shandy Aulia.  Photo: Instagram @shandyaulia

The feud between artist Shandy Aulia and netizens named Laura Aprilya Bakkara is getting hotter. Recently, Laura Aprilya Bakkara has officially reported Shandy Aulia to the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police for the alleged defamation case

The report was made by Laura today, Friday, August 27, 2021 at the National Police Criminal Investigation Unit. Citing the detikhot page, Laura Aprilya’s report is listed in the case number LP/B/514/VIII/2021/SPKT/BARESKRIM POLRI.

Laura Aprilya Bakkara’s name is listed in the report as the reporter. From the letter, it can also be seen that Laura Aprilya reported the Instagram account @shandyaulia.

Laura suspects Shandy of a criminal act of defamation on social media, which is stated in Article 27 paragraph 3 of Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning Amendments to Law Number 11 of 2008 and or Defamation of Article 311 of the Criminal Code and or Article 310 of the Criminal Code.

Shandy Aulia. Photo: Instagram @shandyaulia

Until this article was published, Shandy Aulia herself had not commented after she was reported to the police by Laura Aprilya Bakkara.

Shandy Aulia vs Aulia Aprilya

The feud between Laura and Shandy Aulia began when Laura commented on Shandy’s child on social media. Laura called Shandy’s child, Claire Herbowo, including a malnourished baby, judging from the indicators and signs. He even advised Shandy to take Claire to the Posyandu or Puskesmas to be weighed.

Not only that, Laura also mentioned that Claire’s development was slow. He also wrote Shandy as a mother who is less sociable. It didn’t stop there, Laura also compared the activities of Shandy’s daughter with a monkey, which made Shandy react.

David Herbowo’s wife then did not stay silent and even had time to collaborate with the famous lawyer Hotman Paris to solve the problem. However, on Hotman’s suggestion, Shandy stopped the report.

Shandy Aulia
Source: Shandy Aulia’s Instagram

The two had met for mediation purposes, but then their relationship heated up again on social media. And now, Laura even reported Shandy Aulia back to the police.

Because of this dispute, Shandy Aulia’s attorney, Rinto Maha, said that his client suffered a lot of losses. Starting from the loss of good name, self-esteem to in his work.

In addition, Rinto also denied that the purpose of his client reporting Shandy was for social climbing purposes. Rinto said, it was Shandy Aulia who benefited more because of this feud, because he got a lot of money from advertising.

“Continuing to benefit from ‘this person social assistance’, how much does she (Laura) get? In fact, he’s sold on YouTube, not selling people. It was advertised that he (Shandy) got the money,” said Rinto.

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