Atalanta vs Bologna Prediction, A Nice Trend Is Enveloping Both Teams

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1NEWS – This Serie A season feels very special even though some of the mega stars in the first week did not play. Some are still injured, some still want to fully restore their stamina. However, this does not make the competition and prestige of the Italian Serie A show decline.

In the inaugural week yesterday, quite a lot of surprises were able to be presented by the dark horse team from Italy. Because the early weeks will usually be fully utilized by several dark horse teams to gain points. This is because almost every year there are certainly many Italian giant teams who are prone to slipping in the match in the first week.

Talking a little about the dark horse, in the second week there will be an exciting match between Atalanta vs Bologna. It is true that Atalanta and Bologna are currently holding the status of a dark horse team. But in the first week yesterday, these two teams were able to look stunning and managed to hypnotize many Italian public.

This seems to be proof that in fact almost all teams in Serie A are fairly evenly distributed. Therefore, the Atalanta-Bologna party will likely invite a lot of admiration. The public can enjoy the Atalanta vs Bologna match on Saturday, August 28, 2021 at 23.30 WIB live.

Bologna relies more on its wings

Fingering first from the guest camp BolognaOf course, this team has the potential to reap positive results. The second week will likely be very crucial for Bologna who reportedly want to record another victory. But this is not an easy matter for Bologna because the opponent is quite tough.

The opponent that will be faced is Atalanta, like it or not, Bologna must be careful when defending. In this case, Bologna is expected to continue to rely on its wings the same as the first week yesterday. The speed and performance of the Bologna wings seems to have proven its quality enough.

Therefore, it is estimated that Bologna will again rely on a De Silvestri when they meet Atalanta. The Atalanta vs Bologna match will be a crucial event for a De Silvestri who is on fire. The player who plays as a Bologna right-wing defender is expected to return to fire when he meets Atalanta.

De Silvestri in his last party was able to record two direct goals and automatically is now in top form. Therefore, it is estimated that De Silvestri’s speed will later become a great threat for the host camp.

Atalanta will definitely rely on Luis Muriel

While the host Atalanta is also expected to not want to disappoint his supporters. It is estimated that Atalanta will still look stunning like the first week some time ago.

A solid midfield will likely remain the key and the main focus of the Atalanta squad this season. Not only that, Atalanta this season also did not overhaul the front squad, especially in the striker position.

The figure of Luis Muriel is expected to remain the main weapon when Atalanta makes the transition from defense to attack. Bologna’s defense must be full of vigilance because Muriel is also currently on fire. Because Luis Muriel just scored one goal in the first week of the 2021/2022 Serie A season.

Italian League Score Prediction: Atalanta vs Bologna 28 August 2021

Touching a little on the prediction of the Atalanta vs Bologna score, it seems the exchange online slot gambling leaning more towards the home team. The reason is the quality of the game, Atalanta are more mature because they don’t make many changes. Therefore, it is not surprising that many predict that this match will be won by Atalanta, namely 2 – 1.

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