AWESOME !!! BIRAHI rose this young man attempted rape of his own brother-in-law…

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The man with the initials HF (25), a resident of Arga Makmur City, North Bengkulu Regency, Bengkulu Province, surrendered himself to the local police after committing the crime of attempted rape of his own brother-in-law, Thursday

The statement from the North Bengkulu Resort Police stated that the suspect was desperate to carry out the action because he could not stand the sight of the victim’s clothes which were exposed on the chest. This action was carried out in the victim’s room at night, when the whole family was asleep.

The victim, who realized the presence of the perpetrator, had time to fight back. The suspect chose to escape through the ceiling of the house and surrendered to the North Bengkulu Police. “The victim is his own brother-in-law. The suspect is a

recidivist of case 351,” said Head of Public Relations of North Bengkulu Police, Iptu Darlan.

For his actions, the suspect is entangled with Article 285 concerning attempted rape with a threat of 8 years in prison. Meanwhile, to reporters, the suspect admitted that he had repeatedly reminded the victim to dress modestly in daily activities.


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