Babe Cabita and Marshel Widianto faces perched in New York

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Babe Cabita and Marshel Widianto's faces in Times Square.  Photo: Instagram

After previously being blasphemed by thousands of netizens, now Babe Cabita and Marshel Widianto can show their teeth. The faces of the two comedians are plastered on videotron Times Square New York!

This good news has even come to pass trending topic number 1 on Twitter. Previously, there were billboard advertisements in several corners of Jakarta with the faces of Babe and Marshel as well as blasphemy from netizens who said they were not suitable to be brand ambassadors for beauty products.

The ad is like responding to the blasphemy of netizens as well as being a campaign from the beauty company. That everyone could occupy Babe and Marshel’s position now.

After silencing the netizens’ mouths with these billboard advertisements, now they seem even more ‘attacked’ by standing in Times Square. The digital video on Videotron is also circulating on various social media, including Instagram of the brand ambassadors.

Babe Cabita and Marshel Widianto’s faces in Times Square. Photo: Instagram

In his Instagram, Marshel Widianto admitted that he did not expect this to happen in his life. With his background growing up in the Warakas area, Tanjung Priuk, Marshell wants to prove that he can be proud and not drown in his dark past.

“From free york to New York! My friend. Honestly, my feeling right now is like I want to climb a mountain to the highest peak and keep screaming! ‘Thank you!’, Marshel Widianto wrote in the caption of his upload Friday, August 28, 2021.

“So that everyone can hear that I am very grateful and let everyone know that Priuk’s child is not forever drowning in his past,” he concluded.

The owner said about the selection of Babe Cabita and Marshel Widianto as BA

The Ms Glow For Men brand is a beauty product that made Babe Cabita and Marshel Widianto’s faces appear in New York’s Times Square.

Gilang Widya Praman as the owner of Ms Glow For Men has his own reasons for choosing Babe Cabita and Marshell for their product brand ambassadors.

It has a purpose to break beauty standard which has been used as a benchmark by the community. The aftermath of his action is expected to make many people more confident, grateful, and able to be themselves.

Marshall Widianto.  Photo: Instagram
Marshall Widianto. Photo: Instagram

“Through product introductions that were uploaded through MS Glow for Men’s official Instagram, both of them appeared in their original style as comedians,” explained Gilang Widya Pramana, owner of MS Glow for Men, as reported by Matamata.

In the video entitled “Everything is Possible”, Babe and Marshel really managed to convey the message of the video.

“Although it is wrapped with humor, the message that MS Glow For Men wants to convey in this digital video is still successfully conveyed to the public,” said Gilang, who is also the owner of J99 Corp.

By displaying this ad in Times Square, MS Glow hopes that the message conveyed can be applied to others. The message is to respect each other, love yourself and be more grateful.

Ms Glow for Men advertisements in various corners of Jakarta.  Photo: Instagram
Ms Glow for Men advertisements in various corners of Jakarta. Photo: Instagram

“Smartasssssss, biyuti ads without biyuti standards. Everyone can be handsome too!” said one netizen comment.

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