Boyfriend Takes Turns During College Until Wet, But He Says It’s Delicious

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1NEWS – Introduce me named Steven, a first semester student majoring in culinary arts.

I have a girlfriend named Nabil who is still in third grade high school.

Nabil is younger, but he can guide me instead.

Sometimes I am ashamed of Nabil because he still has a childish attitude, even though he has entered the world of lectures.

“Mas, try to learn to be more mature and wise in dealing with problems,” is the message that is often spoken.

Until finally, Nabil graduated from high school and he decided to study the same campus with me.

However, Nabil and I have different majors.

“Mas, see you again heheh,” said Nabil.

“Yeah, we’ve been together in high school, college, and hopefully on the aisle,” I said.

“Amen, sir,” said Nabil.

“Most importantly, we can continue together and understand each other, yes,” I said.

“We have to learn from each other so we can grow up with each other,” said Nabil.

“Of course honey,” I replied.

Then Nabil just flashed a smile and rushed inside to get ready for the first day of ospe.

Nabil and I are known to be a bit harsh on campus, but the material provided is very useful for student life.

I advised Nabil to be able to take care of himself and have a firm attitude when following the Ospek.

The second day’s inspection was carried out on the campus grounds and witnessed by other students.

The goal is to train new students to be more confident.

In this aspect, all the material must be well received by new students.

However, one of the materials was punished when the new students did not focus on carrying out senior instructions.

Unfortunately, Nabil is one of the students who got the punishment.

The punishment was quite severe for Nabil. Because, the students who received the punishment were rotated to eat chili sauce.

I know, Nabil doesn’t like spicy and I’m traumatized to see it spicy because it will be confusing.

I saw Nabil slowly devour the sambal that was given to him in turns.

“Delicious senior,” said Nabil loudly.

“I promise to be more active and critical,” he added.

Nabil had to say those words. The reason is, as long as he looks at him, he just stays silent.

Students are expected to be vocal and critical about something so that they are not passive and remain silent.


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