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To support optimal facilities for the activities of DPRD members, it is deemed necessary to strengthen the function of the Badung DPRD secretariat through the application of digital-based information and communication technology.
One of them, with the implementation of the Board Performance Facilitation Information System application (Si Kawan) continues to be refined and will become an application that becomes an innovation.

It will be ready for a soft launch in the near future. This was conveyed by the Secretary of the Badung DPRD, I Gusti Agung Made Wardika, Friday (27/8) in Badung.

“The launch (main launch) is not yet, because it still needs trials. However, the soft launch is planned to be held in early September. We are still working on trial and error and simulations will be carried out for several guests who will come,” he said.

The Si Kawan application as an innovation includes various facilitation of board performance ranging from short, medium, and long term. This innovation is part of the training he is undergoing, namely the Level II National Leadership Training (PKN) Batch X in 2021.

However, Wardika emphasized that this application is not limited to completing education and training, but will be used in the long term as a digitization system that facilitates the performance of the board.

“Indeed, this is part of the training. But later it will develop according to need,” he explained.

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