CRUEL!!! The tragedy of the murder of a pregnant girl in Demak whose body was thrown away

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The tragedy of the murder of a pregnant girl in Demak whose body was thrown away can be a valuable lesson for women so as not to cross the boundaries of moral and religious norms in establishing romance.

Instead of being married, this girl was killed by the man she loved.

The promise of marriage was lost along with his life.

The young girl with the initials DA (19) was found lifeless on the embankment of the Wulan River, Mijen Village, Mijen District, Demak on Monday

around 05.00 WIB.

DA (19), who was 6 months pregnant, was killed by her boyfriend with the initials HR (20), a resident of Sari Village, Gajah District.

DA’s body was found lying in a red negligee.

The perpetrator felt jealous of the DA victim (19) because he often saw him go

“The perpetrator felt jealous because he saw the victim often going out with other men,” said Demak Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Budi Adhy Buono during a press conference at the Demak Police Headquarters, Thursday.

The perpetrator confessed to the police that he was upset because his girlfriend DA was considered to have cheated on him.

Until finally the perpetrators planned to kill the victim’s life.

The victim is known to have been killed by the perpetrator on Sunday (15/8/2021) night.

The murder began when the perpetrator used a car to take the victim to the Java Hotel in the Kudus Regency area.

Arriving at the hotel at 21.30 WIB, the perpetrator and the victim had sex like husband and wife twice until they fell asleep.

Then at 03.00 WIB the perpetrator woke up and carried out his intention by snaring the victim’s neck using a jumper rope belonging to the perpetrator while the victim was still sleeping.

The victim was so weak that he couldn’t move.

The perpetrator then took the victim into a car and dumped her on the embankment of the Wulan River.

6 months pregnant even though we’ve only been dating for 4 months

Until finally residents found the victim’s body, Monday (16/8/2021) morning.

It didn’t take long for the police to solve the case.

“The perpetrator was identified 1×24 hours based on an investigation by the Demak Police Satresmob Unit, the results led to this HR,” said the Police Chief.

The suspect was arrested in Wonorejo Village, Gajah District, Demak Regency,The perpetrator admitted that he had planned the murder.

The suspect was desperate to kill his lover because he knew the victim was 6 months pregnant. They’ve only been dating for 4 months. The perpetrator was furious because of jealousy.

For his actions, the perpetrators were charged with articles 340 of the Criminal Code and 338 of the Criminal Code with the threat of life imprisonment or 20 years in prison.


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