Deep in Debt, Construction Workers in Tabanan Steal Neighbor’s Gold –

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Beritabali/ist/Building Workers in Tabanan Steal Neighbor’s Gold., TABANAN.
Admitting that he was in debt, Wayan Mardianto (40), a construction worker from Batannyuh Village, Marga Subdistrict, was desperate to steal dozens of gold jewelry belonging to his neighbor which was stored in a jewelry box, causing the victim to lose hundreds of millions of rupiah.
Tabanan Police Chief, AKBP Ranefli Dian Candra when conveying, the suspect was arrested while working at the Umadiwang Service Banjar, Peken Belayu Village, Marga on Wednesday (25/8) afternoon. This gold theft case occurred Tuesday (24/8) at the house of victim Ni Made Widnyani (37) in the banjar of the Batannyuh Kelod Service, Batannyuh Village, Marga.

At that time the suspect pretended to be looking for kroto (ant eggs) near the victim’s house. When the victim went to work at around 07.30 WITA, the suspect took advantage of the opportunity, especially when the door to the house was open. The suspect went straight to the victim’s room cupboard and took the unlocked gold storage.

After the afternoon after work and entered the room, the victim found his wardrobe open. He also checked the gold jewelry he kept in the cupboard but there was nothing. and tried to search, until he saw the certificate had fallen on the floor, and then realized that his room had been raided by thieves.

The victim had asked her children if anyone had seen someone enter the room, and they answered that no one had seen anyone enter. But the victim’s son had said that there were men who came to the house with the excuse of looking for Kroto. The victim finally reported the case to the Tabanan Police.

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