Delivering Drugs Ordered by Customers, This 50-Year-Old Online Ojek Diver Pedals 15 KM | Most Exciting

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Most Fun – The story of an ojol driver who delivers a customer’s medicine using a bicycle has gone viral on social media. The upload, which was shared by the Twitter account @peacefulgreeny on August 23, 2021, tells the story of the struggle of motorcycle taxi drivers who are willing to ride a bicycle to deliver medicine.

He admitted that he did not own a motorbike, so he required him to deliver by bicycle. Even so, he did not give up and continued to deliver customer orders even though he had to travel a distance of 15 kilometers.

“Earlier I was told to buy medicine with my sister at Halodoc, use a lot of it first because I hate being told to do it. I didn’t know I got this driver. When I checked, the distance between Candrabaga and the house was about 15 km, I’m sorry,” he wrote, quoted by

Initially the uploader ordered the drug through an online application. However, he did not know if he would get an ojol driver who was quite far from his house. He also said that the ojol driver named Chaerul was 50 years old.

“His name is Mr. Chaerul. He’s about 50 years old.” he said.

Previously, Chaerul had told him that he did not own a motorcycle. He also said he would deliver customer orders by bicycle. When he arrived at his destination, Chaerul was seen covered in sweat because he was pedaling for 15 kilometers,[[edasejauh15kilometer

“I’m sorry, ma’am, I used a bicycle to ride it. I don’t have a motorbike.” Chaerul said.

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“When he was covered in sweat, his hats were seeping off. Bring your own drink, bring your own bekel in the basket,” write the account.

The account owner who is also an orderer of the drug feels sorry. Even though the distance is very far, Chaerul still doesn’t mind delivering the medicine. He didn’t complain, Chaerul was grateful that he was still able to work so he could feed his wife and children.

“It’s okay, ma’am, if I don’t drink, I feel sorry for my wife and children to eat tomorrow,” said Chaerul.

“Earlier, his father said thank you for not canceling it, because it was almost two hours waiting for the medicine to arrive. Keep praying for a speedy recovery.” clear the account.

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