Don’t know when to compete, PSIS is still in Semarang in the first week of BRI League 1 | 1NEWS

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BRI Liga 1 2021-2022 will start soon. The duel between Bali United and Persik Kediri will mark it in the match at the Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Friday (27/8/2021).

Two more matches will follow, namely between Persipura Jayapura and Persita Tangerang at Pakansari Stadium, Bogor Regency, Saturday (28/8/2021). Then the Bhayangkara FC duel against Persiraja Banda Aceh at the Indomilk Arena Stadium, Tangerang, Sunday (29/8/2021).

The three matches will at the same time determine the continuation of another party which will be followed by 15 other participating clubs. One of the teams that have not yet competed is PSIS Semarang. The Mahesa Jenar team (the nickname of PSIS) is still waiting for official news when it will compete.

While waiting for official information and the smooth running of the initial three matches, the PSIS squad remains in Semarang. It is known that the first series of BRI League 1 was centered in the DKI Jakarta area and its surroundings, considering the format of the competition using a bubble system.

The temporary coach of PSIS Semarang, Imran Nahumarury explained that his team had not yet rushed to Jakarta and would still wait for the confirmation of the match. However, he still prepares the team to the maximum, such as a routine training program.

“I heard from management that we might play waiting for the first three games. If the evaluation results are satisfactory, maybe we will compete in a week. The estimate is around the 3rd,” said Imran Nahumarury, Wednesday (25/8/2021).

“So maybe next week we will still be in Semarang. Extending the training program by focusing on maintaining the condition, mood, motivation, and repeating the training material last week,” he explained.

Imran Nahumarury said that his team was still taking up training, such as maintaining fitness, transitioning the game, to attacking and finishing schemes. This has been honed, including in the trial opportunity.

The last time Septian David Maulana et al. is against a League 2 team, North Sulawesi United. According to Imran, his squad doesn’t need to play a test match, other than maximizing internal games. Players also adjust more to the atmosphere of the competition.

On the other hand, PSIS Semarang is also still waiting for potential opponents to be faced in the first week schedule of BRI Liga 1 2021-2022. PT LIB will soon release it after the evaluation of the first three matches went smoothly and satisfactorily.

“I’m completely blind about which team we will face in the first game. However, we are more focused on our own team,” explained Imran Nahumarury.

List of PSIS Players in BRI Liga 1

Goalkeepers: Jandia Eka Putra, Joko Ribowo

Behind: Wallace Costa, Rio Saputro, Wahyu Prasetyo, Alfeandra Dewangga, Frendi Saputra, Fredyan Wahyu, Riyan Ardiansyah, Kartika Vedhayanto, Pratama Arhan, Syiha Buddin

Middle: Eka Febri Setiawan, Jonathan Cantillana, Finky Pasamba, Septian David Maulana, Fandi Eko Utomo, Mahir Radja Satya, Brian Ferreira, Nerius Alom, Damas Damar, Andreas Ado

Front: Hari Nur Yulianto, Komarodin, Jorry Guruh, Bruno Silva, Risky Fajar, Farrel Arya, Bahril Fahreza


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