Even though her body is weak, Grandma still has to go around selling basins so she can eat – 1NEWS

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Grandma goes around selling basins and dippers, in the midst of modern online shopping.

“If you don’t work, where do you want to eat, son?” he said with tears in his eyes

His steps were limping, with all his strength he walked down the street carrying a basin and selling dipper. Even though she knew that not many would buy, even no one would buy her merchandise, Grandma was still enthusiastic while praying that she would be able to pick up sustenance today.

Grandma can’t just stay at home, Grandma and her child have nothing to survive. Grandma Masniah leaves for work at 07.00 and comes home from work at 17.00. Currently, Masniah’s grandmother earns around Rp. 10,000 / day and even then if someone buys the sale.

Usually every day Grandma brings 4 basins of 3 pots for sale and sometimes sells only 2 basins, the price for the basin that Grandma sells is Rp. 5,000/basin, Panci is Rp. 10,000/pan and the Dipper is Rp. 3,000/gauge. If it doesn’t sell, Grandma returns home with the goods she sells and hopes that tomorrow someone will buy it.

Grandma’s husband passed away 2 months ago now Grandma lives with her son who works as a paint worker, now very few people use his services so Grandma and her child are having a hard time even just for a bite of rice.

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