Green School Bali Receives Solar Energy Inverter Grant –

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bbn/doc Huawei/Green School Bali Receives Solar Energy Inverter Grant., BADUNG.
An electronics company from China, Huawei, gave a grant in the form of a solar energy inverter to Green School Bali in Abiansemal, Badung Regency.
This is to help the school realize its mission to reduce the carbon footprint in the school environment.

In a press release, Friday (27/8/2021), Huawei also delivered the grant in order to build public awareness of the environment.

Green School students are involved in helping the process of setting up and installing solar panels in the school environment. This is a learning tool for students of the environmentally friendly school in getting to know renewable energy processes.

Huawei also said that this is an example of how subjects on environmental care are taught in schools through knowledge transfer programs and their application in the real world or REAL Learning.

Bruce Li, Managing Director of the Huawei Asia-Pacific Enterprise Digital Power Business said, protecting the environment is one of Huawei’s strategies to encourage sustainable development.

Bruce Li said they have an ongoing effort in supporting local communities to progressively switch to using solar energy.

“We are enthusiastic to support the environmental awareness initiative initiated by Green School Bali in reducing the carbon footprint in such a way by offering smart solar energy solutions,” he said as quoted from

John Hardy, the founder of Green School Bali, said that their mission since it was first established in 2008 has been to make full use of renewable energy up to 100 percent as much as possible.

They also said they were committed to building education for the formation of a sustainable world, as well as producing future leaders who care about environmental sustainability.

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