Guarded by Hundreds of Security Until Prokes Strict, Duel Persipura Vs Persita in League 1 Ready to Held | 1NEWS

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Pakansari Stadium is ready to host the first week of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 match between Persipura Jayapura against Persita Tangerang, Saturday (28/8/2021). The match will be guarded by hundreds of security until the implementation of strict health protocols.

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The duel of Persipura Jayapura against Persita Tangerang is one of three simulation matches in the first week of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022. This match will determine the fate of the continuation of the competition this season.

Local Media Officer, Nandang Permana, stated that his party had coordinated with many parties to support the smooth running of the match at Pakansari Stadium. In order to finalize the preparations, a dress rehearsal will be held on D-1 ahead of the match.

“For the Persipura vs Persita match, the Panpel has prepared everything long ago.

Several things that the Panpel have done are coordination with PT LIB, because the Panpel Tira Persikabo was appointed as the executor. Then with the Bogor Police, TNI, Dishub, and of course the Bogor Regency Government.” Nandang Permana told

“We have also held several internal meetings to ensure readiness in all fields.

Maybe next Friday we will do a dress rehearsal so that the Persipura vs Persita match goes as expected by taking into account the important points required by the government,” said Nandang Permana.

Pakansari Stadium is one of nine stadiums in cluster 1 in the BRI Liga 1 2021/2022. The stadium with a capacity of 35,000 has international standards and is the home of Tira Persikabo.

The implementation of strict health protocols will also be carried out at the Pakansari Stadium, Cibinong. Nandang Permana said this was part of the provisions for the rolling of the BRI Liga 1 2021/2022.

All Panpel involved will also implement strict health protocols. This is done to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

“All of the Panpel personnel involved must have been vaccinated and must take an antigen test on the day of the match before kick-off,” said Nandang Permana.

In addition, match reporters will also follow a series of strict health protocols. Later, journalists and photographers must submit a negative PCR test result for COVID-19 on D-1 and will again undergo a swab test on match day.

“The media covering it must have PCR and bring the evidence and attach a vaccine certificate. While in the stadium area, everyone must wear a mask,” said Nandang Permana.

In addition to the Persipura Jayapura vs Persita Tangerang match, the BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 will also play two other matches this inaugural week. The match was used as a competition simulation.

Bali United will face Persik Kediri at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Friday (27/8/2021). Then Bhayangkara FC will host Persiraja Banda Aceh at the Indomilk Arena, Sunday (29/8/2021).

The three duels will determine the continuation of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022. If there are no obstacles, PT LIB will launch other schedules in the first week of this season.


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