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During the five-year hiatus from the entertainment world because he had to be imprisoned, finally a breath of fresh air came for this man who was born in Serang, July 31, 1980. Saipul Jamil is expected to be released from prison on September 2. Bang Ipul’s friends certainly welcomed the news of the freedom of the former G4UL member.

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Even though there are actually many netizens who don’t like the freedom of the dancer, especially if he has to return to the world of entertainment. However, there are still many Bang Ipul fans who miss the entertainment provided by the 41-year-old man. Learn more about Saipul Jamil’s freedom, here’s his review.

Already got a job offer

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Although he has not officially been released from prison, according to Sholeh—Saipul Jamil’s older brother, his younger brother has received five job offers. Sholeh added that if there was a high possibility, not all of the jobs would be taken. This is due to the consideration of Saipul’s psychic condition, who had just been released from prison. Because he had to adapt again, the manager also didn’t want Saipul to put too much effort into working. It is likely that only two to three jobs will be accepted.

Public reaction

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The news of Saipul Jamil’s release apparently received a negative response from some netizens. A few days ago, @areajulid’s tweet went viral, followed by many replies from other netizens who said they objected to Saipul Jamil appearing on the TV screen again. Even a netizen hopes, if the career of the man who is usually called Bang Ipul is revoked. He felt that Saipul should not be given another place on the stage. Some netizens are even horrified that Saipul will be made an ambassador.

Potential jobs that can be obtained despite being imprisoned

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As previously discussed, although netizens refused, in fact, Bang Ipul’s manager revealed that there were many offers for Dewi Persik’s ex-husband. According to Sholeh, Saipul can still work on air on TV, there is also an offer to do talk show. According to Indah Sari, the former member of the G4UL group has also received offers to return to recording, label contracts, endorsements, and many more.

The case that put Saipul Jamil in jail

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Recalling the case that made Saipul Jamil go to prison was sexual harassment. In 2016, Saipul admitted that he had sexually abused a teenage boy with the initials DS at his residence. For his actions, Saipul was sentenced to three years in prison. Not satisfied with the sentence imposed on him, Saipul also appealed. However, it turned out that this only increased his sentence, from three to five years in prison. In 2017, Saipul was also caught in a bribery case and had to be fined Rp. 100 million.

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That’s a little review about the freedom of Saipul Jamil. Whether Saipul Jamil returns or not in the television world, it depends on sustenance. Hopefully this five-year prison sentence will make Bang Ipul really realize the mistakes he has made and become a better person. Of course also do not make the same mistakes or other bad things.

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