Jonathan Frizzy sued for divorce from wife – Latest Celeb News

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The household of soap opera Jonathan Frizzy with Dhena Devanka is not in good condition. The reason is, Dhena Devanka has registered her husband’s divorce suit with the South Jakarta Religious Court.

“The matter (the divorce lawsuit) has been registered today,” said Ibnu Ali Tindri, Dhena Devanka’s lawyer, at the South Jakarta Metro Police, Kebayoran Baru, Friday (27/8).

Unfortunately, Dhena Devanka did not want to go into detail about the reason for deciding to separate from the man who is familiarly called Ijong.

“If I say something wrong, I’m afraid. Now is the time to sue (divorce), please conclude for yourself, “said Dhena Devanka.

From the information collected, it is known that Dhena Devanka reported Ijong to the South Jakarta Metro Police regarding the alleged case of Domestic Violence (KDRT) in May 2021.

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