Liverpool vs Chelsea Prediction, Striker Sharpness Competition Will Be Present

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1NEWS – Almost every year there are big matches in the EPL, there are always a lot of big matches that happen every week. This is due to the large number of giant clubs and tough clubs who are members of the EPL event. Practically big matches will often occur almost every week and of course can be enjoyed by all corners of the world.

Some time ago the public had just been shocked by a big match that brought together two tough London teams. The team, namely Arsenal and Chelsea, which was only the second week, had to be willing to be met directly. Just enjoying the Arsenal match against Chelsea, now in a few moments the EPL fans will be treated to a big match again.

There will be a super big match party Premier League Another one that brings together the two giants of Great Britain, namely Liverpool vs Chelsea. The smell of competition and prestige brought into this match seems to be quite a color in itself. Plus both camps are now also in a slick trend because Liverpool and Chelsea are at the top.

Even Liverpool and Chelsea became the most formidable clubs in terms of defense in the first two weeks of the EPL. Automatically this will be a very crucial meeting for both Liverpool and Chelsea. Don’t miss it too that the exchange best slot gambling site scheduled the big battle between Liverpool and Chelsea to be held on Saturday 28 August 2021 at 23.30 WIB.

Chelsea rely on Lukaku who has started to fit in

If you peek a little about the power ChelseaOf course, this team is in a golden period after several lines have been overhauled, especially the front lines. Chelsea is now transformed into a squad that is quite complete in almost all lines.

Since Lukaku’s arrival, Werner’s role has certainly been quickly sidelined. Considering Werner’s performance, which is considered still unable to be consistent in uniform with the London giants, the Blues. Automatically, Lukaku’s role this season is quite heavy because the expectations carried by the public are also large.

But it seems Lukaku was able to resolve the issue very calmly when he returned to Chelsea. Even this tall and well-built player didn’t take long to quickly adapt to the Blues.

Now Lukaku is considered by the public to have started to be cohesive and his performance is increasingly contributing. Even one goal has been collected by this Belgian player during the second week yesterday against other London giants Arsenal. Of course, Lukaku is expected to be the main weapon for the visitors when the Liverpool vs Chelsea match is held.

Liverpool Also Have Guns In Front

Not only Chelsea who have the main ammunition in the front row, Liverpool also has a ferocious striker. on the stronghold Liverpool, it seems that this team is slowly getting rid of its dependence on Firmino.

Because the current Liverpool coach rarely plays Firmino, a Jota is more often an option. This season, Jota is again trusted as a starter in the last two weeks of the EPL performances.

Jota’s appearance is also quite capable of attracting a lot of attention from the Liverpool public, especially in the last two weeks. Many people predict that Diogo Jota will return to be the main weapon when fighting with the Blues squad.

English Premier League Score Prediction: Liverpool vs Chelsea August 28, 2021

It seems that many people agree that the match Liverpool vs Chelsea this will definitely be colored by buying and selling very intense attacks. Naturally, because Liverpool and Chelsea have a fairly strong midfield squad. Due to the fact that the players are almost as solid materially, automatically the score prediction is more likely to lead to an equally strong draw 2 – 2.

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