Masyaallah, this man makes dhikr when he stops at a red light | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru

Most Fun – A man is seen stopping at a red light while doing dhikr holding a prayer beads behind his folded hands. Then this moment went viral on social media. The man was seen being ridden by his friend on a motorbike.

The moment the man folded his arms neatly while holding the prayer beads in his right hand was uploaded to the @insta_julid account. The video was immediately crowded and many netizens praised the man’s actions for continuing to praise God with his dhikr.

“Thank God I also ride anything on the road while thinking about it… but I don’t use prayer beads,” said the account @lookmannavy.

“Our soul mate is reflected in ourselves, isn’t it, Min :)” said the account @bibi_mpiii.

“Must chase this one????” said the account @fatiyazka

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