Moving to New York, Tasya says her child is afraid to see crowds. You know, “Pandemic Child”~

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Tasya Kamila and Randi Bachtiar are one of the netizens’ favorite artist pairs. Not without reason, their love relationship is indeed very inspiring. How Tasya patiently took care of Randi who had cancer was proof of their love regardless of anything. Recently, Randi admitted that he was influenced by Tasya to continue his studies.

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The pinnacle of being loved by scholars has arrived, Randy has now been accepted to study in the United States. Some time ago, this small family announced that they would soon move to New York, United States and live for a while in the big city. Now, Tasya shares the moment where they have officially moved and are in the Big Apple.

After the move, Tasya Kamila now has a new apartment which is her family’s temporary residence

Tasya Kamila and her family’s new apartment/Credit: Instagram @tasyakamila

Tasya Kamila and her small family have finally finished moving and are currently in the United States in New York City. As we all know, the small family decided to change their place of residence considering that Randy Bachtiar would continue his master’s degree at Columbia University, United States. After officially moving, Tasya Kamila actively shares various moments of her little family’s ‘new’ life.

Now Tasya has an apartment as a new place to live for them. Through InstaStory, it looks like Tasya is giving room tour his new apartment. Accompanying the upload, Tasya explained the contents of her new apartment. It is known that the simple apartment is 2 rooms, dining room, bathroom and kitchen. In addition, Tasya said that this apartment was almost the same as the one she had when she was in college. “Here he is apartment new in New York. There is one room, there is a bathroom, there is a kitchen and dining room, there is a bedroom,” said Tasya.

Tasya Kamila’s son, Arrasya Wardhana Bachtiar was shocked, panicked and scared by the bustling atmosphere of New York City. Understandably, he is a “pandemic child” who rarely leaves the house due to circumstances

Tasya Kamila’s child is surprised to see the bustling atmosphere of New York City/Credit: Instagram @tasyakamila

As previously discussed, Tasya Kamila brought her child to move to live in New York City. It is also known that Tasya will only stay temporarily and will often move from Jakarta to the Big Apple. After arriving in the big city, something unique happened to Arrasya Wardhana Bachtiar, the son of Tasya and Randi Bachtiar.

This former child artist shared the moment that his son was surprised by the bustling atmosphere of New York City. Arrasya didn’t want to leave the hotel because she was afraid and panicked. “It’s really hard to get Arrasya to go. I just want to stay at the hotel, but leave the room to cry first. On the streets, he panicked when he saw people passing by, honking cars and big trucks,” wrote Tasya explaining her son’s condition. Arrasya also had a fever. His body temperature even touched 39.6 degrees. According to Tasya, the condition of the child was so surprised to see the crowd because he was used to staying at home during the pandemic. The child is known to rarely go out of the house and meet anyone other than his family and close relatives.


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