No matter how smart we were when we were little, we must have believed in absurd things like these netizens

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Each of us has had a childhood filled with unforgettable memories. One thing that is still a mystery to this day is the difference in brain capacity when we were still young leaky with now. At that time, many of us may feel much smarter than now. Anyway, always subscribe to win, be diligent in participating in competitions, become a mainstay for mom, it’s not like now thinking about survival is already difficult.

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But, there are always unique things that happen in the childhood of all of us. As smart as we used to be, we must have done or believed in stupid things that, if we remember them, would embarrass ourselves. Try to admit it here, who’s still there leaky Do you believe in experiences like the stories of these netizens?

1. Let alone when we were little, even now it seems that many still believe in this ridiculous thing

Abstinence from standing in front of the door / Credit: Twitter

2. Throughout your life when you were in elementary school, you must have believed in this one thing. After all, who made this information in the first place!?

There are many victims here / Credit: Twitter

3. It’s really embarrassing if you remember that you’ve been consumed by unclear information like this. The lives of old geezers seemed to be filled with silly things, didn’t they?

Embarrass yourself / Credit: Twitter

4. One of the most ridiculous things the children of his time believed. Yes, there must be a lot of victims!

Really annoying / Credit: Twitter

5. It was said in the past that pointing at a grave with your index finger could make your fingers crooked. What is the motivation for making this information?

Really funny / Credit: Twitter

6. One of the most ridiculous forms of brainwashing in elementary school, the worst thing is that we used to believe in the same thing

Very stupid / Credit: Twitter

7. This one seems to last a long time. Because, until now there are still many who believe. Even if it’s true, it’s just a coincidence

So it’s scary. / Credit: Twitter

8. Every leaky must have experienced this ridiculous phase. There was a little horror incident at the school, and the story immediately emerged that the school used to be an ancient hospital. Hadeeeeh!

The most classic childhood story / Credit: Twitter

9. If you have ever believed in this one thing, it means that your childhood was full of innocence. Fix, you are easy to fool! ️

Very innocent / Credit: Twitter

10. At this gathering, who was the victim of this story? Have you thought about it, since when did Dracula exist in Indonesia?

Dracula Indonesia / credit: Twitter

11. Of all the things we have believed in as children, this one seems to be the most annoying. Now it’s on the verge of regret, right?

We’ve all believed / Credit: Twitter

No matter how smart we used to be, wherever we live, if we are still in Indonesia, it is definitely impossible to miss the things above. At least of these 11 ridiculous beliefs, there are one or two that you have ever believed to be true. I admit it~

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