PAN bluntly Sentil PSI: Don’t be a parasite in Jokowi’s Coalition

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1NEWS – Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) Raja Juli Antoni bluntly reminded the management of the National Mandate Party (PAN) to stop playing with two legs if they were part of a coalition of political parties supporting Jokowi.

In fact, King Juli Antoni asked PAN leaders under the current management of Zulkifli Hasan not to repeat the behavior they did when they joined the coalition of political parties supporting Jokowi in the 2014-2019 period.

“I hope that during this period the PAN leaders under Zulhas can be more consistent in their political choices. If they do join this coalition, then be a consistent coalition participant who provides political support to Jokowi and stop playing two-legged as PAN has shown in the period before,” explained King Juli Antoni in a statement to reporters, Thursday (26/8).

King Juli Antoni also reminded that PAN’s behavior when joining a coalition of political parties supporting Jokowi’s government for the 2014-2019 period was like playing with two legs.

Because, according to him, PAN is still ‘shooting at’ Jokowi after being given the position of Chairman of the National Industrial Economic Committee (KEIN) and the Minister of PAN-RB.

Responding to this, PAN spokesman Rizki Aljupri reminded PSI not to become a parasite in the coalition of political parties supporting President Jokowi’s government.

“PSI should not become a parasite in the government coalition,” Rizki explained in his statement, Friday (27/8).

According to Rizki, PAN has never played with two legs.

The reason is, the evidence can be seen from the steps of Asman Abnur who immediately resigned from his position as MenPAN-RB.

After PAN officially gave support to the presidential and vice presidential candidates Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno in mid-2018.

Rizki said that for PAN to become part of a coalition of political parties supporting the government, it is not a barrier to continue to provide constructive suggestions and input on government policies.

“Of course, this will be done through the PAN faction in the DPR RI by upholding political ethics,” said the Deputy General Treasurer (Wabendum) of the PAN DPP.

Rizki also asked PSI not to interfere in the PAN kitchen. Rizki said that each political party has a different electoral strategy.

“It’s better for PSI friends to focus on how to pass the parliamentary threshold in the 202 Legislative Election,” he said.

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