Panic welcoming Ariel NOAH’s arrival at his birthday, Luna Maya reflexively did this – 1NEWS

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Luna Maya and Ariel NOAH

Actress Luna Maya just celebrated her 38th birthday on August 26, 2021. She got a birthday surprise from her gang, Minister Cheers. Luna and her friends are Ayu Dewi, Edric Tjandra, Iwet Ramadhan and Melanie Ricardo. A surprising moment occurs when Luna suddenly looks for Ariel NOAH’s whereabouts.

The moment began when Luna suddenly heard the sound of music. In the midst of her chatting activity, Luna Maya was slightly stunned and widened her eyes. He then asked about the frontman of the band Noah.

“Is Ariel here?” asked Luna Maya in a video uploaded on Ayu Dewi’s YouTube channel, Thursday, August 26, 2021.

Ayu Dewi, who was sitting across from Luna Maya, was also surprised. “Oh my God,” said Regi Datau’s wife.

Luna Maya Ariel NOAH Source: Instagram

Reported by Matamata, Melanie Ricardo also jumped from the chair and was shocked. He said, “Is there Ariel? I’ll touch up first.”

Luna Maya became more and more curious, because the guitar strum sounded again. The actress, who recently celebrated her 38th birthday, wanted to crosscheck out.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Ariel who appeared, but a band player. They were the ones the actress’ friends had hired to sing happy birthday. “Look for Ariel to the end,” said a woman whose voice was only heard.

Luna Maya and Ariel through a long love story. In 2004 their relationship was revealed, but a year later the vocalist of the band NOAH actually married Sarah Amalia.

After Ariel and Sarah divorced, the love affair was re-knitted. Even when Ariel tripped over a pornography case, in 2010. Unfortunately after being released in July 2012, Luna and Ariel’s love story reportedly ended.

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