Pay attention to 4 signs he really misses you

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1NEWS – Men are not like women who are good at expressing their emotions and feelings. They are shy, quiet, and don’t like to be outspoken. Especially when it comes to love. The only way to know what’s in their heart is to pay attention to their facial expressions and observe their body language.

When they miss you, they will constantly text you and give you subtle hints through their gestures and body language. Launch Pinkvilla, pay attention to these 4 signs to know when he misses you.

He wants to know

If he misses you, he will be interested in knowing more about your life. He will tell you about his life and ask you questions to form a bond and to make sure he knows everything about you.

He’s trying to keep in touch

It’s easy to let communication wind down after a point. But if he makes an effort to continue communicating, he will definitely miss you.

He always wants to meet

Whenever you text each other, he always mentions the fact that he can’t wait to see you! He makes plans with you for the future and is always ready to meet you, no matter how busy he is.

He is quick to respond

Whenever you message him, he replies within seconds. This is a sure sign that he misses you and can’t get enough of you.



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