Prediction of West Ham Vs Crystal Palace, a tough week to be passed by the visitors

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1NEWS – The Premier League has been running very smoothly in the last two weeks and has presented quite a lot of drama. Some of the drama and dynamics created in the Premier League seem to confirm that the prestige of this competition is unmatched. Public enthusiasm for football lovers in all corners of the world is also very high in waiting for the English Premier League.

Looks like this year Premier League or so-called EPL will remain number one worldwide. In addition, several top and famous players have participated in this English first caste competition. This seems to make the Premier League increasingly top and very many followers at this time.

In the third week, there will be one party that is estimated to be quite a riveting dish, namely West Ham vs Crystal Palace. It looks like the party between the two British dark horse teams will be quite fierce because the two camps are in different trends.

A positive trend is covering the West Ham camp, while a bad trend is hitting the Palace camp. Automatically this will be very difficult, especially for the guests Crystal Palace in that match. But apart from that, it is estimated that buying and selling attacks will continue to color the West Ham contra Palace party. If you look at the schedule of the market exchange in online gambling site, sbobet. The plan is that West Ham and Palace will clash on Saturday, August 28, 2021 at 21.00 WIB.

West Ham is on fire

Looking back on the past few years, it’s true that West Ham is a club that is not too reckoned with. Even the mediocre status was inherent in the West Ham squad at that time. Their achievements and performances are also not too flashy, so this team is often the butt of the British giants.

But in the last two seasons, it seems that all these stories have completely disappeared. The reason is that now the West Ham camp is not only sticking out as a dark horse again, but becoming a British giant. It should be noted that West Ham’s performance this season is not much different from last season by showing a formidable midfield.

In this case, many think that West Ham is quite likely to fill the top ranking for the 2021/2022 season. This was also proven when two weeks went by, it turned out that West Ham had been able to rank first in the EPL standings. The two wins that have been achieved seem to be a slick capital for West Ham before meeting Palace. The West Ham vs Crystal Palace party is expected to be slightly dominated by the hosts in terms of the game.

Crystal Palace seems to be after a draw

When viewed from the chance of victory, it seems that it is very narrow for the visitors Crystal Palace. Because this team is also still not able to show a stunning appearance in the last two weeks of the EPL.

Practically Palace now sits in 14th position in the standings and only collects one point at this time. Of course, this is very sad, therefore it is estimated that Palace will not set the target too high when they meet West Ham. Many people predict that a draw and just one point is enough for the Palace squad.

Premier League Score Prediction: West Ham vs Crystal Palace August 28, 2021

Because West Ham are more solid in their game, practically many are looking for this squad to win. The West Ham vs Crystal Palace party is expected to be quite flooded with golden opportunities. Therefore, it is not surprising that more people expect West Ham to win with the final result 2 – 1.

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